Wellness Seminars

Mckenzie Ellis from Low Salt Kitchen will conduct a hands-on interactive educational seminar about eating and living a low salt lifestyle. Mckenzie offers a variety of low salt recipes for lunch and learn seminars and food demonstrations. Presentations are interactive with time for questions, along with food samples, educational handouts and recipes. I will customize the seminar specifically for your company. Wellness seminars fees vary based the size of the group. Some of highlights of my wellness seminars are:

  • Education:
    • List “The Salty 6”
    • Identify the key salty facts
    • Understand the best ways to reduce sodium in your diet
    • Recognize where sodium hides in foods
    • Eating out at restaurants 
    • Shop smart & pantry essentials 
  • Employees will participate in a hands on demo
    • Participants can learn how to cut, mix and prepare a low sodium dish
  • Low Salt Kitchen Recipe – Discussion of key ingredients that are traditionally high in sodium 
  • Creative: “Salty Facts”Infographic to be sent digitally for employee distribution
    • A list of attendees to be sent to Mckenzie for an opt-in subscription to receive a FreeMini Low Salt Kitchen Cookbook
  • Creative: Mckenzie to help create marketing graphic about specifics about the event
  • Mckenzie will set up and provide all the necessary equipment for the seminar, along with cleaning up after the event 

Are you looking for a sustainable and engaging way to keep your employees healthy, present, happy and productive? If your company is in need of nutrition and food expertise on living a low sodium diet, the services provided by Low Salt Kitchen are right for you.

Please fill out the form below for more information regarding Low Salt Kitchen's Wellness Seminars.

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