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Hey there! I'm Mckenzie, a blogger and recipe developer. I love creating and remaking recipes to be Low.Salty.Healthy for special low sodium diets in order to successfully improve one’s health. I first started creating recipes when a life changing experience happened about 10 years ago....

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My Breakup with Salt

My salt journey started when I was in my mid twenties and met my now husband, Andy. Through dating and our engagement, I heard grueling stories about my husband’s health issue, but never really understood the severity. Andy has a rare inner-ear disorder called Ménière’s Disease. There are fewer than 40,500 cases diagnosed per year. While Ménière’s Disease is treatable, this condition cannot be cured. It was not until two months prior to our wedding that I experienced one of Andy’s episodes first hand. This is when my love affair with salt came crashing down and a new healthier relationship with food and sodium was formed.

Andy was “hit” with an episode two months prior to our wedding day. Being severely sick with vertigo, tinnitus, and fluctuating hearing loss, his world was literally turned upside down. Nausea and dizziness caused dehydration and exhaustion, which resulted in an unnecessary thirty-pound weight loss. 

From that moment on, I began to educate myself on Ménière’s Disease and the preventive treatments available to possibly shield him from experiencing another episode again. My relationship with food and my journey with salt forever transformed. One of the most important proactive treatments a Ménière’s patient can do to optimistically prevent another episode from reoccurring is to follow a very low sodium diet about 1,000mg per day. After experiencing second hand what my husband endured, diminishing salt out of our diet didn’t seem so tasking.

I knew very little about salt or sodium. What did 1,000mg a day even look like? The saltshaker was always on the table growing up, but I knew better than to add salt to my food. My perspective of sodium was all-wrong. Not until I sat down and started reading and taking a long look at every nutrition label did I realize what foods truly contained sodium. Where do I start? What can I cook? Do we have to eat plain tasteless food like steamed vegetables and chicken without any taste from here on out? I found no resources to turn to, yet I had so many questions in my head. I spent hours in the grocery store, spanning the isles to see what we could eat, comparing different product labels. How could one food have such a different nutritional content? I took on this new healthy relationship without salt and welcomed the challenge, I wanted to beat this “no salt” enemy and prove to myself and to my husband we could still enjoy the food we always loved.

That is how Low Salt Kitchen was formed. I started this blog because I wanted to share the knowledge I have gained over the past ten years in the kitchen. I want to provide support to all having to go on a low sodium diet, and know they can still eat the food they love like pizza, Mexican food and Asian cuisine. It is possible with the help of Low Salt Kitchen!

When I am not in the kitchen, you can find me and my husband running around with our two little kiddos.  I enjoy anything outside hiking, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, and being at the beach. And most of all, trying to follow my motto each and every day in life Be Happy.

Be Happy Motto

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